Christian Life Ministries

Coventry Churches are currently working together on a number of different Projects to serve the vulnerable and marginalised in the city. The scope of our combined outreach continues to expand.

As a local church, CLM seeks to be supportive across a number of partner projects, with members of CLM volunteering in the work and/or CLM investing financially in and praying for the projects. Coventry outreach projects we seek to support in one or all of these ways include:

- Coventry Winter Night Shelter (providing shelter and night-time accommodation for rough sleepers from December-March)

- Street Pastors (Friday and Saturday evenings in the city centre)

- The Message Trust

- Foodbank (providing emergency food for people in crisis)

- Embrace (serving vulnerable women across the city)

- Carriers of Hope (helping asylum seekers and refugees in the Coventry area)

- Coventry Debt Centre (helping people in debt – run in partnership with Coventry Vineyard)

- Healing on the Streets (prayer for healing, Mondays and Saturdays)

Most of these projects are led and overseen by members of other Coventry churches and we are grateful to come alongside and play our part. If you would like to know more, please speak to one of the leaders at CLM.

Pastor Esther serves on the Board of Hope Coventry, which provides oversight to some of the above projects. She also currently chairs the board of Coventry Winter Night Shelter.