Christian Life Ministries

Martin and Esther Storey
Senior Pastors

Martin and Esther bring overall leadership to CLM in conjunction with the other elders. They married in 1997
and have 3 children, Samuel (17), Nathan (15) and Anna-Grace (12). They moved to Coventry in 2012 to lead
CLM. They are passionate about serving Jesus, being full of the Holy Spirit, seeing lives totally transformed by
the Gospel, the presence of God, seeing the Church be all she can be and they long to be part of a move of
God in the nation.

Esther is good at accents. Martin not so much!

They are increasingly supported by an outstanding staff and ministry team that carry significant day-to-day leadership


The 'Elders' are responsible for vision, doctrine and overall 'health' of the church. Serving alongside Martin and Esther is Donald Browne-Marke (businessman and pastor), Tony Williams (general legend at CLM for over 65 years) and Ryan Ormes (Young adults pastor at CLM, professional photographer and creative genius).

The Real Heroes

CLM has well over 100 members who serve in various roles of leadership - across life groups, ministries, Sunday teams and our Board of Directors. It is this broader team of leaders, serving under the eldership's covering that really make CLM what it is today.

Wider Support

We are also extremely grateful for the apostolic input we receive from Ps. Dominic Yeo (Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore) along with regular input from a number of people who carry 'Ephesians 4' ministry gifts, including Dr. John Andrews, Nick Resce, Nicolas Tsakis and Mark Ritchie. We are also strengthened by the encouragement and wisdom of a number of church leaders who are friends to CLM, especially (but by no means exclusively) from within our own denomination, the Assemblies of God.