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We are amazed at what God is doing among us at CLM and we are excited for the season ahead. We believe God will lead us further on, going deeper into Him and reaching wider into our city and beyond.  As part of our development plans, we are inviting you to consider giving a year of your life to serve within the CLM ministries as part of our Internship Programme, serving God at the front-line of ministry as an integrated member of our church staff team.  It is a year in which you will grow, be stretched, and make a positive contribution to God’s work here.

How does it work?
The internship will run from Monday 9 September 2019 to Sunday 28 July 2020. In doing the internship you will serve a full day every Sunday, hands-on as part of the CLM team.  You will then do three* further office-based days, assigned to a couple of our ministry areas to broaden your experience.  The remaining three days each week are there for you to take a ‘sabbath-rest’ day and to earn money outside of CLM to help pay your way through the year.

For the 2019/2020 year, we are looking for two to four interns in total.  We are more interested in this being ‘right’ for both you and the church, than us filling a set number of spaces.  As we look to involve you, we will also look to develop you and we will seek to give you stretching assignments and to tailor your growth-plan through the year.

You will also be assigned a personal ‘Interns Overseer’ from our Heads of Ministries Team who will be a support to you.

We have potential to assign interns to the following ministries: Multi-media; Youth; Children; Students; Administration; Missions; Worship.

You will be assigned to serve within two different ministries.  Through the application process, we will be looking to understand your skills, passions and how you want to grow, and then we will assign you accordingly.

*Three further office-based days is ideal, so this feels like your main focus for the year, but if your circumstances demand you could only do two further office-based days, this can be considered.

The internship year is a voluntary year of serving.  Our goal is for the year to be frugal, but a ‘break-even’ year financially.  We would expect you to seek part-time work for two days a week in order to pay your way through.  If you wish, you can find your own accommodation or live at home, but if helpful to you, we can look to find you low-cost accommodation for the year with a host-family or landlord within the church.

What are we looking for?
Anyone aged 18+ can apply, but this would be ideal for someone in their early twenties, perhaps following Higher or Further Education – before beginning a market-place career or to explore a sense of call to Christian ministry.

You will need to be able to self-motivate, handle pressure, demonstrate servant-heartedness, be committed to CLM as a local church and have a passion for God.  As an intern with CLM you will also have some experience of regularly serving or leading in a church context, good administrative and interpersonal skills and an appetite for growing and developing.

What's next?
To find out more, or to have personal conversation with someone about whether a CLM internship might be right for you, please contact

To apply, please complete the following steps:
1. Click here to complete the online application form
2. Please e-mail a copy of your current CV to

Applications deadline is Friday 10 May 2019