Christian Life Ministries

Prayer is a very high value and priority at CLM.  We are eagerly anticipating this special time of Prayer as we enter 2019.  From Monday 7 January through to Sunday 27 January we are encouraging all at CLM to make time and space to seek God.

In our current season of ‘Going Deeper and Reaching Wider’ we sense it is time to go deeper into God Himself and to go deeper in prayer for our lives, our families and the ministries and mission of our church.

We are also encouraging everyone who is involved, to consider fasting in some way.

Prayer Guide Booklets will be made available at CLM from Sunday 30 December, including our 7-Day Prayer Shield and a Guide to Fasting.

To download or view the Prayer Guide, click here.


We are encouraging everyone to: 

Pray at Midday 
For our 21 Days of Prayer (except Sundays, when we will be in the middle of our second service), we are inviting as many people as possible to stop for 5 minutes at Midday/lunchtime to pray the Lord’s Prayer. 

Gather in Life Groups
In homes around the city at your usual times.

Pray at Church 
During the 21 Days of Prayer, we will be meeting at the following times for prayer and worship: 
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Lunchtimes 12.30-1.30pm 
Wednesday/FridayEvenings 7.30-9.00pm 

Use the Prayer Shield 
Within our Prayer Guide, you will find a daily prayer guide called the ‘Prayer Shield’ – with 7 areas for prayer from Monday-Sunday. We invite you to use this daily guide alongside your devotions and personal prayer priorities, as we seek to align our emphasis across the whole church. 

Fast in Some Way
Prayer and Fasting is a powerful Biblical spiritual discipline which can deeply impact you as you set aside these weeks to seek God. For further information and guidance on fasting, please refer to the Prayer Guide or the articles below.

Additional Resources on Fasting
Although the CLM 21 Days of Prayer Guide has a section on fasting, we would also recommend the following articles as good further reading, especially if you are considering undertaking a longer fast, or simply want to know more:

Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer
By Bill Bright
Original article by Bill Bright found at and posted as a recommended resource by
(This includes a lot of helpful, practical advice).

7 Basic Steps to Successful Fasting and Prayer
By Bill Bright
This is an excerpt from the original article by Bill Bright found at and posted as a recommended resource by